Cycle of Death is a series of echo messages in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories that Harry Mason receives in the forest area.

Cycle of Death Transcript

This message is found at the deer skull on the tree, near the last lodge.

Variation 1:

Stop crying, Joel, stop being such a pussy. Finish the damn thing! If you had done better in the first place he wouldn't be suffering like that. Just point and shoot. It's right in front of you.

Variation 2:

Come on, Joel. You'd think that it was you shot and dying, not the deer. Get your hands outta your pants and be a man. My son, the queer. Shoot the damn thing! Shoot, you queer!

Variation 3:

Come on, son. Finish it. I am ashamed to be your father. You got it in the leg. Now you gotta kill it. This is what we do. This is how the world works. Shoot!

Joel Jr. Transcript

This message is found at the Orion Hunting Lodge, in the room with the sink, once Harry has photographed the deer echo hanging above the sink.

Variation 1:

Joel Jr.'s first kill! It was a biggie too, 190lbs. field dressed. Got him in the neck, went down like a dead weight. My son is a man now!

Variation 2:

Joel Jr.'s first kill! He shot like he was born with a rifle in his hands. He's gonna make his grandpa proud!

Variation 3:

Joel Jr.'s first kill! Field dressed weight 180lbs. He's a natural born KILLER!
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