Clown Parade
Silent Hill Sounds Box - Extra Music From Disc 8 - Track 22 - Clown Parade From Silent Hill 401:31

Silent Hill Sounds Box - Extra Music From Disc 8 - Track 22 - Clown Parade From Silent Hill 4

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Akira Yamaoka
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Clown Parade is a song from Silent Hill 4: The Room, released on the Silent Hill Sounds Box. It is track 22 and was composed by Akira Yamaoka. The piece has some parts of "The Last Mariachi" interwoven in it. The song plays when Henry Townshend and Eileen Galvin find Walter Sullivan's umbilical cord.

"Clown Parade" sounds nearly congruent to the following track, "Serious", with the exclusion of "Clown Parade" having a distinctly different ending sound effect.

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