Church of the Rebirth
The Church of the Rebirth
Toluca Lake Island

Silent Hill 2

The Church of the Rebirth is a small church located on an island in the middle of Toluca Lake. It can be seen in the "Rebirth" ending of Silent Hill 2, in which James Sunderland is rowing a boat with his wife's body in it out to the island.

Silent hill 2 toluca lake island01:06

Silent hill 2 toluca lake island

James on the island.

Though James cannot visit it in the game, it is possible to use cam-hacking to explore the island. The island is quite small, and it has a small boat dock, also visible in the "Rebirth" ending. The island is covered with trees and there is a second, smaller island beside it. The church is actually just a two-dimensional flat sprite and not a fully-rendered three-dimensional building.


  • It is possible that the Church of the Rebirth belonged to the local religious cult known as the Order, however, this has not been proven.
  • The church is modeled after the San Pedro Church in Ávila, Spain.


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