Cage of Cradle
Hiroyuki Owaku
Mashiro Ito
Release date

Cage of Cradle is a comic published by Konami in 2006. It was illustrated by Masahiro Ito and written by Hiroyuki Owaku, former members of Team Silent (Ito worked as art director and monster designer in Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, while Owaku scripted the first three installments). The comic takes the form of digital manga, downloadable for cell-phones. It was released only in Japan.


The canonicity of the plot is debatable, as it is written by Owaku and not Keiichiro Toyama.

The story revolves around Lisa Garland before the events of the first game. Not much has been revealed, except that Lisa apparently has a boyfriend named Matthew who is killed by Alessa Gillespie, and Lisa is apparently killed by Valtiel.[1][2]


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