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This article is about the guide released by Konami. For the game item, see Book: "Lost Memories".

The Book of Lost Memories is a piece of text published with the Japanese Silent Hill 3 guide released by Konami in 2003, in collaboration with Team Silent. It was printed upside-down on the last pages of the guide, using the book's back cover as a front cover.

The text covered in-depth information on most aspects of the first three games in the series. The Book of Lost Memories has been translated into English, Spanish, Russian, French, and Portuguese (see external links).


The text is divided into eight parts: "Prologue", "Logue 1", "Logue 2", "Logue 3", "Making of Silent Hill 3", "Fugue: Suggestion of Cards", "Material for Solve", and "Inspirational Works".


This part covers overall info abut the series, locations and character relationships thus far.

Silent Hill Series Overview

Short text explaining the series' setting.

Silent Hill Area Map

A map of Silent Hill.

History of Silent Hill

Timeline of the history of Silent Hill.

Alessa's History

Timeline of the events in Alessa Gillespie's life and the events after her reincarnation.

Character Relation Map

Map roughly showing the relationships between Cybil Bennett, Harry Mason, James Sunderland, Angela Orosco, Cheryl Mason, Eddie Dombrowski, Heather Mason, Mary Shepherd-Sunderland, Douglas Cartland, Maria, Vincent Smith, Claudia Wolf, Ernest Baldwin, Laura, Leonard Wolf, Alessa Gillespie, Lisa Garland, Michael Kaufmann, and Dahlia Gillespie.

Logue 1: "Silent Hill"

Covers information about the first game in the series.

Story Preview

Analyzes the intro video.

Dialogue 1

Character Commentary

Biography and information about:

  • Harry
  • Cybil
  • Cheryl
  • Lisa
  • Kaufmann
  • Alessa
  • Dahlia

Creature Commentary

Info on all the enemies in the game.

Ending Analysis

Summary and analysis of all endings except the UFO Ending.

Staff Credits

The complete credits.

Logue 2: "Silent Hill 2"

Covers information about Silent Hill 2.

Story Preview

Analyzes the intro video.

Dialogue 2

Character Commentary

Biography and information about:

  • James
  • Mary
  • Maria
  • Laura
  • Angela
  • Eddie

Creature Commentary

Info on all the enemies in the game.

Ending Analysis

Summary and analysis of all endings except the UFO and Dog Endings.

Staff Credits

The complete credits.

Logue 3: "Silent Hill 3"

Covers info about Silent Hill 3.

Story Preview

Analyzes the intro video. The legs hanging over Valtiel when he turns the valves is described as resembling Alessa's and Cheryl's.

Dialogue 3

Character Commentary

Biography and information about:

  • Heather
  • Douglas
  • Claudia
  • Vincent

Creature Commentary

Info on all the enemies in the game.

Ending & Theme Song Analysis

Summary and analysis of the ending and lyrics for "You're Not Here", "Letter - From the Lost Days", "I Want Love", and "Hometown".

Staff Credits

The complete credits.

Making of Silent Hill 3

Interviews with some of the key people who developed Silent Hill 3.

Silent Hill Fugue: Suggestion of Cards

A more in-depth look on Silent Hill 3. With the exception of "XXII: The Eye of the Night", all the segments are named after cards from the Major Arcana in a Tarot deck.

0: The Fool

Analysis of Heather and her relationship with Cheryl and Alessa.

I: The Magician

Analysis of Valtiel, his role, his relationship with elements in earlier games and his development.

II: The High Priestess

Analysis of Claudia, her relationship with other characters and abilities.

III: The Empress

Analysis of Alessa and her influence on the series.

IV: The Emperor

A look on the visual effects used in the game.

V: The Hierophant

A look at important items in the game.

VI: The Lovers

A look at how love effects the character relationships in the games.

VII: The Chariot

A look at important symbols featured in the game.

VIII: Strength

A look at the actual powers of the town.

IX: The Hermit

A look at the sound effects and audio use in the game.

X: The Wheel of Fortune

A look at the importance of loops and circles in the game.

XI: Justice

A look at the use of letters in Silent Hill 2.

XII: The Hanged Man

Analysis of Douglas Cartland and his similar role to other characters.

XIII: Death

A look at the purpose of holes in the series.

XIV: Temperance

A look at the purpose of doors and keys in the series.

XV: The Devil

Information on the development of monsters in the series.

XVI: The Tower

Analysis on the Order's history and beliefs.

XVII: The Star

Information on references to other works that are used in the games.

XVIII: The Moon

A look at Vincent, his motives and the Seal of Metatron.

XIX: The Sun

Information on the bonus features in the game and the UFO Endings continuity.

XX: The Judgment

A look at Pyramid Head and the "red devil" Walter Sullivan saw.

XXI: The World

A look at the Otherworld and its different appearance from person to person.

XXII: The Eye of the Night

A look at the God of the Order.

Material for Solve

Inspirational Works

A look at the works that inspired the Silent Hill series.



  • Daijiro Morohoshi: “Shiori and Shimiko's Incident Involving a Freshly-Severed Head”
  • Junji Ito: “The Town without Streets”

Root of Street Names

A list of authors whose names was used to name streets in Silent Hill.

South Side

  • Nathan Ave.: Robert Nathan
  • Wiltse Rd. David Wiltse
  • Lindsey St.: David Lindsay
  • Vachss Rd.: Andrew Vachss
  • Martin St.: David Martin
  • Katz St.: William Katz
  • Sanders St.: Lawrence Sanders
  • Neely St.: Richard Neely
  • Harris St. Thomas Harris
  • Saul St.: John Saul
  • Munson St.: Ronald Munson
  • Rendell St.: Ruth Rendell
  • Carroll St.: Jonathan Carroll

Old Silent Hill

  • Finney St.: Jack Finney
  • Matheson St.: Richard Matheson
  • Bloch St.: Robert Bloch
  • Bradbury St.: Ray Bradbury
  • Midwich St. (a street from the film Village of the Damned)
  • Levin St.: Ira Levin
  • Bachman Rd.: Richard Bachman (pen name of Stephen King)
  • Ellroy St.: James Ellroy

Central Silent Hill

  • Sagan St.: Carl Sagan
  • Koontz St.: Dean R. Koontz
  • Crichton St.: Michael Crichton
  • Wilson St.: Colin Wilson
  • Simmons St.: Dan Simmons

Resort Area

  • Sandford St.: John Sandford
  • Craig St.: Kit Craig (pen name of Lillian Craig Reed)




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