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This article is about the guide released by Konami. For the game item, see Book: "Lost Memories".

Lost Memories: Silent Hill Chronicle (失われた記憶~サイレントヒル・ クロニクル ~) is an additional document printed on the reverse side of the Silent Hill 3: Official Perfect Capture Guide. The document is 136 pages long and covers information regarding Silent Hill, Play Novel: Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, and Silent Hill 3.

The document is considered to be one of the best resources for the earlier Silent Hill titles, due to its in-depth coverage and direct contributions from staff.


The text is divided into eight parts: "Prologue", "Logue 1", "Logue 2", "Logue 3", "Making of Silent Hill 3", "Fugue: Suggestion of Cards", "Material for Solve", and "Inspirational Works".

Prologue (pg.2-11)

This part covers overall info abut the series, locations and character relationships thus far.

Silent Hill Series Overview (pg.2-3)

Short text explaining the series' setting.

Silent Hill Series Overview

Silent Hill

  • Sony Playstation
    • Released March 4th, 1999.
    • 5,800 yen (plus tax)
  • "Best" version
    • Released April 27th, 2000.
    • Discretionary price
  • "PSone Books" version
    • Released January 24th, 2002.
    • 1,800 yen (plus tax)

Play Novel: Silent Hill

  • Nintendo Gameboy Advance
    • Released March 21st, 2001.
    • 5,800 yen (plus tax)

Silent Hill 2

  • Sony Playstation 2
    • Released September 27th, 2001.
    • 6,980 yen (plus tax)

Silent Hill 2: Elegy

  • Microsoft XBOX
    • Released February 22nd, 2002.
    • 6,800 yen (plus tax)

Silent Hill 2: Elegy

  • Sony Playstation 2
    • Released July 4th, 2002.
    • 4,800 yen (plus tax)

Silent Hill 3

  • Sony Playstation 2
    • Released July 3rd, 2003.
    • 6,980 yen (plus tax)



  • PS
  • 1999年3月4日発売
  • 5,800円 (税別)


  • 2000年4月27日発売
  • オープン価格

(PSone Books)

  • 2002年1月24日発売
  • 1,800円 (税別)

プレイノベル サイレントヒル

  • GBA
  • 2001年3月21日発売
  • 5,800円 (税別)


  • PS2
  • 2001年9月27日発売
  • 6,980円 (税別)


  • XBOX
  • 2002年2月22日発売
  • 6,800円 (税別)


  • PS2
  • 2002年7月4日発売
  • 4,800円 (税別)


  • PS2
  • 2003年7月3日発売
  • 6,980円 (税別)

Silent Hill Area Map (pg.4-5)

A map of Silent Hill.

History of Silent Hill (pg.6-7)

Timeline of the history of Silent Hill.

Alessa's History (pg.8-9)

Timeline of the events in Alessa Gillespie's life and the events after her reincarnation.

Characters Relation Map (pg.10-11)

Map roughly showing the relationships between Cybil Bennett, Harry Mason, James Sunderland, Angela Orosco, Cheryl Mason, Eddie Dombrowski, Heather Mason, Mary Shepherd-Sunderland, Douglas Cartland, Maria, Vincent Smith, Claudia Wolf, Ernest Baldwin, Laura, Leonard Wolf, Alessa Gillespie, Lisa Garland, Michael Kaufmann, and Dahlia Gillespie.

Logue 1: Silent Hill (pg.13-30)

Covers information about the first game in the series.

Story Preview (pg.14-15)

Analyzes the intro video.

Dialogue 1 (pg.16-23)

Character Commentary (pg.24-25)

Biography and information about:

  • Harry
  • Cybil
  • Cheryl
  • Lisa
  • Kaufmann
  • Alessa
  • Dahlia

Creature Commentary (pg.26-27)

Info on all the enemies in the game.

Ending Analysis (pg.28-29)

Summary and analysis of all endings except the UFO Ending.

Staff Credits (pg.30)

The complete credits.

Logue 2: Silent Hill 2 (pg.32-53)

Covers information about Silent Hill 2.

Story Preview (pg.32-33)

Analyzes the intro video.

Dialogue 2 (pg.34-45)

Character Commentary (pg.46-47)

Biography and information about:

  • James
  • Mary
  • Maria
  • Laura
  • Angela
  • Eddie

Creature Commentary (pg.48-49)

Info on all the enemies in the game.

Ending Analysis (pg.50-51)

Summary and analysis of all endings except the UFO and Dog Endings.

Staff Credits (pg.52-53)

The complete credits.

Logue 3: Silent Hill 3 (pg.54-72)

Covers info about Silent Hill 3.

Story Preview (pg.54-55)

Analyzes the intro video. The legs hanging over Valtiel when he turns the valves is described as resembling Alessa's and Cheryl's.

Dialogue 3 (pg.56-65)

Character Commentary (pg.66-67)

Biography and information about:

  • Heather
  • Douglas
  • Claudia
  • Vincent

Creature Commentary (pg.68-69)

Info on all the enemies in the game.

Ending & Theme Song Analysis (pg.70-71)

Summary and analysis of the ending and lyrics for "You're Not Here", "Letter - From the Lost Days", "I Want Love", and "Hometown".

Staff Credits (pg.72)

The complete credits.

Making of Silent Hill 3 (pg.73-80)

Interviews with some of the key people who developed Silent Hill 3.

Silent Hill Fugue: Suggestion of Cards (pg.81-112)

A more in-depth look on Silent Hill 3. With the exception of "XXII: The Eye of the Night", all the segments are named after cards from the Major Arcana in a Tarot deck.

0: The Fool - Heather (pg.82-83)

Analysis of Heather and her relationship with Cheryl and Alessa.

I: The Magician - Valtiel (pg.84-85)

Analysis of Valtiel, his role, his relationship with elements in earlier games and his development.

II: The High Priestess - Claudia Wolf (pg.86-87)

Analysis of Claudia, her relationship with other characters and abilities.

III: The Empress - Alessa (pg.88-89)

Analysis of Alessa and her influence on the series.

IV: The Emperor - Visual Concept (pg.90)

A look on the visual effects used in the game.

V: The Hierophant - Key Items (pg.91)

A look at important items in the game.

VI: The Lovers - Love (pg.92)

A look at how love effects the character relationships in the games.

VII: The Chariot - Symbols (pg.93)

A look at important symbols featured in the game.

VIII: Strength - Power of the Town (pg.94)

A look at the actual powers of the town.

IX: The Hermit - Sound Effect (pg.95)

A look at the sound effects and audio use in the game.

X: The Wheel of Fortune - Loop (pg.96-97)

A look at the importance of loops and circles in the game.

XI: Justice - Letter from Silent Heaven (pg.98)

A look at the use of letters in Silent Hill 2.

XII: The Hanged Man - Douglas Cartland (pg.99)

Analysis of Douglas Cartland and his similar role to other characters.

XIII: Death - Holes (pg.100)

A look at the purpose of holes in the series.

XIV: Temperance - Keys & Doors (pg.101)

A look at the purpose of doors and keys in the series.

XV: The Devil - Creatures (pg.102-103)

Information on the development of monsters in the series.

XVI: The Tower - Cult (pg.104-105)

Analysis on the Order's history and beliefs.

XVII: The Star - Motif (pg.106-107)

Information on references to other works that are used in the games.

XVIII: The Moon - Vincent (pg.108)

A look at Vincent, his motives and the Seal of Metatron.

XIX: The Sun - Extra Feature (pg.109)

Information on the bonus features in the game and the UFO Endings continuity.

XX: Judgment - Red Pyramid Thing (pg.110)

A look at Pyramid Head and the "red devil" Walter Sullivan saw.

XXI: The World - Another World (pg.111)

A look at the Otherworld and its different appearance from person to person.

XXII: The Eye of the Night - The God (pg.112)

A look at the God of the Order.

Materials for Solve (pg.113-129)

Silent Hill (pg.114-115)

Silent Hill 2 (pg.116-121)

Silent Hill 2: Born From A Wish (pg.121)

Silent Hill 3 (pg.121-129)

Inspire Works (pg.130-136)

A look at the works that inspired the Silent Hill series.

Books (pg.130-131)

Comics (pg.131)

  • Daijiro Morohoshi: “Shiori and Shimiko's Incident Involving a Freshly-Severed Head”
  • Junji Ito: “The Town without Streets”

Root of Street's Name (132-133)

A list of authors whose names was used to name streets in Silent Hill.

South Side (from Silent Hill 2&3) (pg.132)
  • Nathan Ave.: Robert Nathan
  • Wiltse Rd. David Wiltse
  • Lindsey St.: David Lindsay
  • Vachss Rd.: Andrew Vachss
  • Martin St.: David Martin
  • Katz St.: William Katz
  • Sanders St.: Lawrence Sanders
  • Neely St.: Richard Neely
  • Harris St. Thomas Harris
  • Saul St.: John Saul
  • Munson St.: Ronald Munson
  • Rendell St.: Ruth Rendell
  • Carroll St.: Jonathan Carroll
North Side (from Silent Hill) (pg.133)

Old Silent Hill

  • Finney St.: Jack Finney
  • Matheson St.: Richard Matheson
  • Bloch St.: Robert Bloch
  • Bradbury St.: Ray Bradbury
  • Midwich St. (a street from the film Village of the Damned)
  • Levin St.: Ira Levin
  • Bachman Rd.: Richard Bachman (pen name of Stephen King)
  • Ellroy St.: James Ellroy

Central Silent Hill

  • Sagan St.: Carl Sagan
  • Koontz St.: Dean R. Koontz
  • Crichton St.: Michael Crichton
  • Wilson St.: Colin Wilson
  • Simmons St.: Dan Simmons

Resort Area

  • Sandford St.: John Sandford
  • Craig St.: Kit Craig (pen name of Lillian Craig Reed)

Films (pg.134-135)

Arts (pg.136)

Music (pg.136)

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