• CyanideKelly

    HenryXEileen- rated PG-13 for Swearing, Violent descriptions/Imagery, and mentions of sex. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think...if there's still people on here...and if there are...I might post my psychoanalysis of Murphy if anyone is interested, but for now, here's this: 

    It had been nine months since she had been attacked by the man in the coat. Nine long months of healing and adjusting. Her arm and cracked eye socket had healed, but sometimes Eileen had problems with her vision. The gashes had scarred over along with the numbers on her back. Those fucking numbers- the constant reminder of the horror that pushed her towards Henry.

    Henry was agreeable when she suggested moving in together and splitting the rent on a…

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  • Jessheeran

    About Walter Sullivan

    February 24, 2018 by Jessheeran

    I was expecting more creativity on my own behalf when it came to writing, and secretly asking myself for my first blog entry not to be about Walter Sullivan because that'd just be too obvious, being that I've clearly indicated him as my favorite character, but honestly, I can't think of a better topic to write about as a start.

    When I first read about Walter, I kept thinking about how he was a cold-blooded murderer, and how his acts could not be justified, being that he did kill innocent children and animals, but reading about his past and how hurt he was, I kept thinking about how it's Psychology 101, it's a common theme for serial killers to let their childhood form their adulthood, but was I merely trying to make excuses for his trauma to b…

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  • Staurophobia

    Translation dump

    June 17, 2017 by Staurophobia

    I'm not sure how to go about adding this information onto the articles themselves, so I'm using this blog to archive parts of the Silent Hill game scripts.

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  • MurphyPendleton

    Hey guys, as some of you may have noticed, the wiki has been seeing a fair amount of spam in the Discussions Board from random sock accounts posting absolute nonsense. I know it isn't necessarily a huge deal or anything, but it does irk me that it seems to be a continuous affair.

    So, I decided to create this blog to see if we could brainstorm ideas on how to prevent it, so the admins don't have to go through and delete each thread individually. If anyone has any knowledge in how we might go about this, please chime in with your thoughts - I haven't much experience when it comes to this sort of thing, and all of the individuals who might aren't always super active, so I figured the best thing to do would be to take it to you guys.

    Hopefully …

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  • Enjoyableari

    I am not sure if everyone was aware of what went on a few months back, but our good admin AlessaGillespie is on a much needed extended vacation and has thus handed the reins of the wiki over to myself. This means that as of this moment, I am the only active Bureaucrat admin. 

    What does this mean? Well, it essentially means she's "passed" ownership over until she either feels inclined to come back, or another crat admin comes in from their VERY extended vacation and tells me they are going to be active again.  This also means that when it comes down to it, if I feel it absolutely necessary, I will supercede all decisions and release a final one. 

    Now, things will have to be fairly extreme for this to happen. I do not like to overrule the other…

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  • Scarlet Fitch

    I'm Back

    December 19, 2016 by Scarlet Fitch

    I was pretty distracted for the time being due to personal reasons, but I'm back. I'll be making minor grammar corrections.

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  • Ocelotwaterdown

    Yesterday i was talking whit a friend about Silent hill, when i mentioned to him that i wanted to contribute to This wiki, he told me that the Silent hill Wiki had a "bad" community. he wanted to Troll the wikia editing the pages to offend some admin he called a Nutcase. During the Afternoon and maybe even before he had done some vandalism and then he was banned, I suppose. I know that because when I tried to do my first acces to the wikia I was "blocked" because my IP was used by some Douchebag who vandalized the wikia .. And that's was because he used my internet connection to do his Vandalism. I told him that the only reaction he would gain from his Douchebaggery was a Ban, but he wasn't listening, he was giggling about how he was …

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  • T-002


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  • MurphyPendleton

    Wiki Theme

    August 27, 2016 by MurphyPendleton

    Hey guys, I thought the old theme was getting a bit stale so I decided it could do with a change. I picked the Halo of the Sun because it was the first thing which came to mind, but the theme is in no way fixed. So, any thoughts for what the theme should be? Let me know your thoughts.

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  • GJ-Lewis X

    Hi, y'all

    August 15, 2016 by GJ-Lewis X

    It's me Gjlewis - I'm well alive and I'm back. It's been a very long time. I already made my new account back when after the hacking incident of the FNaF Wiki last year at August causes my first account's password to be scrambled up afterwards, and I'm forced to create a new account. I've been super busy contributing in other Wikis (especially The Binding of Isaac Wiki), and I finally want to re-join this Wiki since I really missed you guys.

    Silent Hill is such a magnificent horror game, and despite Silent Hills's cancellation from last year, we hope if there will be another Silent Hill game which wouldn't be as bad as Downpour. Also, I'm sorry for expressing my anger on the forum thread to show my reaction about Silent Hills's cancellation last y…

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  • AlessaGillespie

    I see that the wiki has had an... interesting... day. I have already removed and/or edited all abusive posts, and I would like to remind everyone here that the Silent Hill wiki has rules in place governing the behavior of its users. We welcome debates and discussions, but antagonistic and abusive postings will not be allowed. This means no name calling, personal attacks, or offensive remarks aimed at minority groups or the mentally disabled. I have seen several such remarks made over the past hours, and let me be clear that this will not continue to happen. Abusive posters will be banned and their posts removed from here on out. This extends to our chat room: no personal attacks or open mocking of others will be allowed in chat either. Simp…

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  • Vorap

    When I try to move pictures around, like in my Profile, they end up on top of each other. How do I align them to be on the side?

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  • MeganeEarthmate

    Alright, so I thought of this awhile back, and working on the Maria page reminded me of it again. I'm sure someone may have already pointed this out but here we go.

    Maria's being is sort of left a mystery. How she was formed, who she is, her properties. She has memories of working at Heaven's Night, and of Laura. So the two main theories seem to be that either a) Maria is completely made up or b) Maria is a real person that Silent Hill is using. (B seems to be the one I see the most.)

    But I think both ideas may be wrong.

    I think Maria was created just like Pyramid Head was.

    Ito has confirmed that the town has a large impact on the form of the monsters, not just the person's mind. And Pyramid Head takes the form of the executioners that were th…

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  • ViniTheTurtle

    Silent Hills wouldn't be that good though... That Walking Dead guy is like an action icon, I feel like bringing him to the franchise would also bring the action-focused gameplay to it. I mean, the protagonists of the Silent Hill franchise are portrayed as "everymen", like common people who could even be your neighbor, there's nothing special about them, they're pretty common. Norman Reedus is like this badass figure because of The Walking Dead so I think the producers would explore this on the game and it would totally ruin the franchise, just like Resident Evil. I feel bad that they cancelled the game but it's also a good thing because we won't see that guy in the game. Nothing against him, he is a pretty good actor but he just wouldn't f…

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  • TheWearyandHeavyLaden

    I've read that the soundtrack from the (first?) Silent Hill video game is going to be released some time this year. I think that's pretty exciting news. And if this was possible, I would love it if they could make vinyl records of all the whole series soundtracks, but I guess if there would be any I'd look forward in particular, it would be the soundtracks for Homecoming and Downpour since I'm more familiar with those ones.

    If you could choose which game's soundtracks would be made into a vinyl record, which would you want?

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  • MeganeEarthmate

    So, I found my first real issue with Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut for the PC (since I've changed the affinity - DO NOT try to make it run on multiple processors. It will not work.) which was surprising. Okay, not a really major issue but.

    James honey.

    What happened to your eye??

    It's definitely not a gamebreaking issue, of course, and maybe not something everyone one would notice, but I figured it was worth noting since it is an issue.... maybe. I unno, it might be normal. Could be shading + angle, age of the game, but I'm not sure. Most likely, though, it's the fact that I'm running it on a newer OS. No matter, James has a weird tint to his eye.

    I'll add any more issues I find as I go along

    MeganeEarthmate (talk) 23:33, February 24, 2016 (UTC…

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  • THE10of13

    Ok I would have went ahead and made the pages myself but with only using a tablet its REALLY hard to do! So I'll go ahead and share some information I found out about Downpour and let you guys see if they need a page or not.

    In Silent Hill Downpour we have two cops with name tags we can't really make out. But thanks to someone on Deviant art who ripped then we now have there names!  

    T. Willis and L. Aguilar. Where T. Willis is in Anne's Story he atleast should have a page. While L. Aguilar could have a mention on a trivia or something at the least. 

    Here is the link to the post! Hope this helps someone!

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  • Latas

    What about Silent Hills?

    March 20, 2015 by Latas

    News from konami couldn't be sadder. Kojima will not continue to work on the company, and if that's not enough they're removing his name out the MGSV cover and thus not recognising the importance that man had in the creation and continuation of the konami's best selling and known franchise. 

    Also, the fact that they'll continue to make MG without him ignoring the fact that the series wont work without it kinda makes me remember the way Silent Hill was handled after 2005.

    As for SH, now that kojima will not be working on konami he will also not work in silent hills, and that's a damn shame because, if there was anyone who could bring the serie back, that would be him... Even the fox engine, something that kojima productions had being developi…

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  • Cody7412

    I'm in the process of writing a script for a comparison video of Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2, the blog will be updated as I continue working on the script. 

    So far the categories are:

    Best Protagonist

    Best Silent Hill

    Best Supporting Characters

    Best Antagonist

    Best Story

    Best Monsters

    Best Soundtrack

    Best Puzzles

    Best Boss Fights

    Scariest Game

    Best Endings

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  • MeganeEarthmate

    -Warning: Sensitive Material Ahead + Spoilers-

    Okay, so I've gotten a number of questions from friends about how I can like Silent Hill if I'm a Christian, due to Silent Hill apparently being anti-religion. Well, is Silent Hill anti-religion?

    Short answer: Not anymore than it's anti-family.

    Long answer: Well...

    The reason a lot of people claim this is they can see the similarities between the Cult and Christian beliefs - and there a lot of them! The god leaves/dies, similar to the Christ's Ascention, and the god's return seems to be based off of Revelation's desciption of the Apocolaypse. Not only that, but the god is born from a "holy mother" who is a virgin. The chapels seem to be very Judeo-Christian-like as well, and just like the Order's …

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  • Flash07

    Silent hill

    November 24, 2014 by Flash07

    Hey everybody justa quick messgae I would like to gve out to everybody but there are 2 things I am really looking forward to. #1 Silent hill 9. This game looks amaxing and will be coming out in 2015. the 2nd thing I cant ait for is the movie Silent Hills. And guess who the actor is.... Norman Reedus. The guy who plays as Daryl in AMCs poular show The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus also is acting as the main character in Silent Hill 9 also. Makes you wonder. I didnt know He was into this stuff. 

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  • Rm2kking

    I don't know if you guys have read the Moviepilot article regarding Silent Hills and the series in general, but parts of it are nearly nauseating to read. here's the link: silent-hills-what-does-the-future-hold

    On the whole, it's a decently written article, but certain things are unforgivable. Here we go.

    Apparently, the author thinks the movie had "no ties to the video game storylines," and "was its own identity."


    Furthermore, this individual also claims Revelation was "the first time in Silent Hill history, the storyline had a direct sequel", also complaining that "Heather is dressed exactly as the character from Silent Hill 3" clearly unaware that the character in SH3 IS Heather. Though they also claimed to have no interest in the plot of sai…

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  • GJ Fredbear

    Hey, guys. In this game Lakeview Cabin, a dead woman who follows the player may based on Lisa from Silent Hills as you recognize blood on her stomach. Also, the fetus that chases after the player after killing the dead woman could be based on the Baby.

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  • WesZombie

    Med-Kit idea

    October 27, 2014 by WesZombie

    Hey guys, it's been a while. I had an idea for something they should do in Silent Hills if they decide to use med-kits. I'm sure this has been mulled over before, but oh well... I think that they should do med-kits like they did in MGS3:Snake Eater, where you literally have to operate on yourself. Depending on the damage and where it is located, you have to find the right things to heal yourself. And then you would actually show it! Something like that could be a great and creative twist on the older ways, right? What do you guys think?

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  • Latas

    Did you guys knew about this interview? Anyone knows a link to the interviews given by Takayoshi Sato, mentioned here by Cihi?

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  • Thegamingmuse

    Part of my series of analyses on Silent Hill 2.  To read more, check my website,

    The end of the hospital level introduces us to a motif which will become a staple of the end of the game: the descent downwards.  The beginning of the game draws comparisons to Dante’s Inferno and walking through the gates of hell; now, we’re descending into its bowels, further and further into darkness and unreality. Once both rings have been obtained, James and Maria return to the Lady of the Door.

    As I explained in the riddle section, this is a symbolic marriage for the two characters, with the exchange of rings by a holy figure.  Giving the angel the rings unlocks the door, which leads to yet another staircase, much like those the…

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  • Latas

    So, by now everyone knows the big news about the new game and fact that it will be produced by Kojima. It is also known that some former team silent member work in Kojima Productions but the intent with this petition is to include possibily the two most influent people in SH on this project. So if you guys think it's worth it then please sign and spread the word.

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  • Ichigo124

    New Silent Hill Teaser

    August 13, 2014 by Ichigo124

    Everyone, a teaser trailer for a new and upcoming Silent Hill has finally been released! I squeeled in excitement after watching it! I am absolutely stoked.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • N7master2255

    Silent Hill fans

    July 24, 2014 by N7master2255

    This is my first blog post as a huge silent hill fan i thought it would be intresting to see what other fans thought of the series such as what they thought of each installment and also what there first experiance with silent hill was like, ive been a fan for awhile now and had never played the games until a friend sugested i play silent hill 2 so i bought the hd collection since it was the easiest way for me to play the older installments and played 2 and 3 back to back and after that i was hooked since then ive played all the other installments save for silent hill 1 and book of memories and i have also watched the movies and read the comics and while i know that some fans have certain games that dont care for and some fans dont like the…

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  • Latas

    The Future of Silent Hill

    July 20, 2014 by Latas

    Hi everyone. As you guys know Silent Hill as come a long way since it's origins in 1999. The world was a different place, the gaming industry was also different and in that year came this game "Silent Hill" which was a product of the developers intentions of making a survavel horror along with the tecnological limits of the time and several other factors...

    As time as passed we saw the original team stop working on the series and other developerscoming trying to continue the narrative, first by making a pre-quell, then with a new story supposedly after the events of SH3, then with the reimagining of the original and finally with Downpour... Throughout this games (I mean all of them, not just the recent ones) many things changed and by this …

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  • Thegamingmuse

    This is cross-posted from my website, The 4th Floor, a site that contains all my analysis and critique of the Silent Hill games series.  Thice is the beginning of a longer analysis of the entire Silent Hill 3 game.

    The story begins with a dream – much like another Silent Hill title, in a way. The first game opens with a dream-like sequence as well. It involves Harry moving between consciousness and unconsciousness, never sure which is the dream or the reality. Both the first and third games deal heavily with this idea of dreaming and the gray area between being awake and asleep.

    But Heather has a very unique dream. Hers is a premonition, a warning of future danger. She enters the Amusement Park to find it already transformed into the Otherwo…

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  • BobLogical

    I've been thinking about it for a while, and I was wondering whether anyone else would be interested in reading a Silent Hill anthology comic. Provided it's not written by Scott Ciencin, it seems like it could work fairly well. Since Anne's getting her own comic, this might be a possibility depending on how well it sells (how much of a market IDW sees for Silent Hill material in the future). If it's connected to the main games, it would even let us fill in the parts of the map we haven't been able to go to or have a discrepancy with. What kind of things would people want to see from this? Personally hoping for more female protagonists, and maybe a parent.

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  • Ozzkat

    Still no verification that another installment will even occur (but with all the Kojima talk, I find it likely), but recently, a hopeful interview was given with Akira involved regarding whether or not he would be willing to compose more music for the game; let's face it, Licht received not the best- albeit not the worst- reception in the world. I do believe Akira's return would at least be one positive factor a future SH has for it, and though I'm not gonna be getting my hopes up too high, it's a happy possibility!

    Check it out here.

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  • Hdutt2

    Hey guys and welcome to my weekly blog where I'll be posting news, reviews, info, anything I find interesting and to add to the interaction with you guys I will have a Q&A about anything gaming related or film related, so if you're stuck on something just let me know on my blog, profile or pm me. I will also add a section for my reviews and Q&A on the discussion page for extension. Overall I like to try and keep this interesting but starting a blog is always going to be bland anyway.

    If you've read my profile then there's my introduction into my life; I'm an actor, author, avid gamer, critic and I've done some singing. I love animals, I just love them...I mean animals are just one of those things in life that when you're down they make you …

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  • BrandonFox

    I'm a huge fan of the soundtrack of SH2. But one of the ending songs I never really thought 'fit' with the ending was Angel's Thanatos with In Water. I understand Thanatos is a Freudian term about the "death instinct" which makes it fit with In Water due to Jame's suicide but the hard-rock was a bit of a turn-off for a, in my view, a very haunting, tragic yet beautiful sort of ending.

    My thought is right, if you could change the ending songs of SH2, what would you change them to? You could put in an actual existing song in place, switch the actual ending songs around or even make an idea for a new song. For example, one ending song I think which would really fit with the In Water ending is Hemorrhage (In My Hands) by Fuel:

    The reason I think…

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  • AlessaGillespie

    Hey guys! I think we can all admit that the background colors on some of the templates are, well, shit. (And yes, I'm the one who made these particular templates. So blame me.) I want to change the colors to something acceptable without stepping on the colors of the not-awful templates. I'd like to hear your ideas for good template colors. :)

    The craptastic templates are:

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  • Order Soldier

    Hey everyone! It's been awhile!

    Let's get straight to the point, shall we?

    This is a leaked image discovered by Gamereactor and has no backing information or a reliable source nor has it been confirmed by Konami, but with Tomohiro Uesugi recent promotion to president and his statement about focusing on Konami’s biggest franchises when he said:  

    “We will focus on our talent and iconic brands as we continue to provide innovative products for even deeper and more enjoyable experiences to our customers.” 

    Another interesting part is, I've found another leak from the same source. In this case, Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia. 

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  • Maria Shepherd

    A lot of Silent Hill fans think that Lisa Garland is a weak and useless character , but in my opinion Lisa has a very important role in every game/comic/movie she appears in .

    In every game , Lisa plays the role of the nurse in Alchemilla Hospital who takes care of Alessa, but none of us know how did she come to Silent Hill and why did she come to Silent Hill ? Why is she a nurse and not something else ?

    Little is know about Lisa's Life before arriving to the town , but I know that she worked as a nurse because her family has a very know history of nurses and doctors in Silent Hill . 

    Lisa was someone who is abused; but also someone who enables the abuse of another . Guilty , but innocent. 

    No one is fully guilty , but no one is fully innocent…

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  • Thegamingmuse

    (Originally posted to my Silent Hill site, The 4th Floor .)

    The symbolic importance of both Mary and Maria are entirely wrapped in one another: they are mirror images, reflections, and understanding one necessitates understanding the other.  They come with a dual context that makes exploring their symbolism jointly very important.

    It also requires, to some extent, discussing James, in relation to these two women; and to a greater extent, aspects of the Bible and Christianity, which were drawn upon for this game.  Symbols and themes from the Christian Bible are strewn throughout Silent Hill 2, and in many ways its primary female characters are easily relatable to some of Christianity’s most important women.

    The most obvious would be Mary, as i…

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  • GJ Fredbear

    In the trailer of Silent Hill (1999), I found a beta version of the Larval Stalkers. They look solid like a body rather than ghost-like. In the final, they were now ghost-like appearance. The reason why is they were to much like children (same way as Grey Children as they were replaced by Mumblers in Europe and Japanese version), so they make them like ghosts and cannot be killed. At 1:32 and 1:38.

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  • Thegamingmuse

    Time in Silent Hill

    December 11, 2013 by Thegamingmuse

    No one really knows when Silent Hill: Downpour actually happens.

    There are a lot of theories. Fans have scoured the game for clues, and their devotion has given us an opening of almost a decade wherein Downpour could’ve happened. The theories range anywhere from 2004 to 2016.

    Can we determine when the game happened? I think so. In fact, I’m certain I know exactly what year the game happened in - and I reasoned it out by exploring Silent Hill’s mythos and the way it presents time.

    It all comes back to this question: How does Time work in Silent Hill?

    So much is open to interpretation in Silent Hill. The games don’t give us concrete answers for most anything. Like, how exactly did the town come to exist? What power fuels it? How much belongs to th…

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  • CyanideKelly

    To begin, let’s analyze James’ name. The prefix Sunder is Latin for shattered or breaking, and land, is a suffix meaning reality. Literally meaning broken reality James begins his adventure outside silent hill in a rest stop bathroom. His car is parked askew, doors open and his wife’s dead body is in the backseat. This shows the chaos of a man at his breaking point. To begin the game the player must pass through an isolated forest which fosters the feelings of isolation as we enter this man’s subconscious. Not only are we in Silent Hill, but we are in James’ mind. Silent Hill is full of locked doors, blocked roads and impassible obstacles. These ‘locks’ arerepressed memories that James can’t access. Slowly we delve into the ‘otherworld’ of…

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  • NamelessMacabre

    After noticing the voting section on the main page of the wiki, like most others I decided to check out Insert Coin's Silent Hill Apparel. Upon seeing the choices available, I pre-ordered the Lakeview Hotel shirt (I plan on having fun messing with people who don't know about Silent Hill, telling them I stayed there, at the Lakeview Hotel, on Toluca Lake, and that it was a lovely place heh). Well, I finally recieved the shirt and I gotta say the quality is incredible. Between the materials, the stitching and the Logo. Anyone who's still on the fence about ordering any of it, I can tell you with full confidence to just order. You won't be dissapointed with their work. I'm planning on picking up the Historical Society t-shirt now as well, and…

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  • Skyseed

    Silent Hill fanfic ideas

    November 25, 2013 by Skyseed

    EDITED: Moved it to Alvanista since I just read that posting content not related to the main series will be moved to the Silent Hill fandom wikia

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  • Thegamingmuse

    I haven't been able to get back to playing SH2, so I haven't finshed my SH2 symbolism series just yet.  But, I thought I'd share something I wrote about SH4 in the meanwhile.  Enjoy!

    Silent Hill 4 is a strangely told story.  It lacks a great deal of the themes and motifs of previous games; locations are transient and are returned to repeatedly; puzzles, as they were before, do not exist; the loneliness of previous games is relieved by the large cast and the presence of a bustling town outside your window, though the feeling of isolation is still strong.

    These alterations make this a story that is hard to understand, especially because half of the tale has already happened.  By the time Henry is involved, 15 of the sacraments have occurred.  …

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  • Ozzkat

    Silent Hill 9: "Verified"?

    November 4, 2013 by Ozzkat




    So, today I heard from Silent Hill Paradise that IMDb has "verified" that SH9 is due for release on September 29th, 2015, with Hideo Kojima as director. You can see it here.

    Now I'm pretty sure 99% of us know that IMDb is not a very creditable site, seeing as anyone can edit it. In just a few clicks, someone could've updated it to prompt pointless excitement just like that. However, I certainly wanted to bring this up, mainly to see if any of us here have heard this same news from a more reliable source?

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  • AlessaGillespie

    It's been confirmed by Tomm Hulett on Silent Hill Heaven's facebook page that none of the monsters in Downpour have anything to do with Murphy Pendleton. They are all manifestations of Anne. When asked about how the monsters could be hers, Tomm replied "Maybe she's afraid of people". He then said, "Dolls are loss of innocence". He went on to say, "Every monster has a potential Murphy meaning amd an Anne meaning. Murphy is a "wrong place" character who can be redeemed. Anne is the typical damned SH protag who must either be redeemed through Murphy (her Mary) or murdered - which damns Murphy".

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  • AlessaGillespie

    Wikia Guided Tour covers horror in video games, including interviews with admins on various wikis related to the genre. Myself, AlexShepherd and Riley Heligo were all interviewed for this article. The article is a look into the horror genre, and why people like it so much.

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  • JAlbor

    Evil Within Giveaway

    October 18, 2013 by JAlbor

    Hey there Horror Fans!

    I just wanted to let you know of a potentially cool opportunity. Bethesda Softworks is helping Wikia host an Evil Within Sweepstakes. If you make some fan art or similar creation, you can win a video card or an Evil Within poster signed by Shinji Mikami, the mind behind Resident Evil.

    Check out the sweepstakes right here!

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  • AlexShepherd

    New theme

    October 11, 2013 by AlexShepherd

    Attention all readers and editors:

    The wiki is currently undergoing a new, darker theme. As such, a lot of templates will be required to be recolored and adjusted to match the color scheme. This process may take about a week or so. Some renders will need to be cropped more because white edges are more noticeable.

    If you have any suggestions regarding the overhaul, or site design in general, or have any comments, please comment below. Thanks~

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