• JAlbor

    The San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing! With the huge event come all sorts of game news. Today, Konami released brand new screenshots for the upcoming Silent Hill: Book of Memories . Check out the screens below. And for more information on Comic-Con, be sure to check out the Comic-Con wiki!

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  • AlexanderDergousov

    You know, I was just thinking: there's a lot of great and creative fan stuff out there, and I thought: "Wouldn't it be cool to have a Silent Hill Fandom Wikia?" It's not necessary to create an entirely new Wikia, but we can just make a new page in the already existing Silent Hill Wikia, and dedicate it to the fandom. Wish I knew how to do this stuff, heh.

    And if there already is a Silent Hill Fandom Wikia that I don't know of, well, then please, excuse me of my ignorance.

    What do you guys think?

    • Edit*

    Okay, so I made the wikia:

    Go mad, my friends.

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  • Gab l


    October 12, 2011 by Gab l

    Yes, Downpour will be delayed from it's original "October 2011" release date until sometime during the first quarter of 2012, it is believed that will be released on March 24 2012, Konami already officially announced the delay of Downpour.

    I personally hope that this delay means an improvement on the Title and not a "rest" for the developers.

    Certainly I don't think Downpour it's going to be better than the "originals" developed by the original Team Silent, maybe this new "Team Silence" is more focused on the "combat-action" of the game than the story itself,I really hope this new title deserves to be part of the franchise.

    Do you think that the title is on good hands? What do you expect? What do you think is the real cause of the delay?


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  • AlexShepherd

    PC version:

    Silent Hill HD Collection:

    What needs to be fixed:

    PC version:

    Silent Hill HD Collection: (Shadow James!)

    Really? Is SH2/SH3 really going to look this godawful?!

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  • Riley Heligo

    Well according to Gamescon its for the 360 aswell if it is I'm not entirely surprised because even if Sony helps out with a game Konami wont give a crap look at Metal Gear it was mainly a Playstation Series but Xbox had gotten some games and rumours of a Metal Gear Solid 4 port to the 360 any opinion on this announcement?

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  • AlexShepherd

    A new discovery

    July 28, 2011 by AlexShepherd

    So I was just looking through past versions of the main page and I found out that this wiki is actually older than September 2006. It turns out that the wiki was created on March 16, 2006.

    Do you know what this means?

    This wiki was coincidentally created the same day as Resident Evil Wiki


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  • AlexShepherd

    These are graphical comparisons between Collection and the PC version.

    Note that Noise Effect was disabled in the PC shots.

    Neely's bar (PS3)

    Neely's bar (PC)

    Flashlight (PS3)

    Flashlight (PC)

    So how is Collection in contrast to the PC version? Obviously both are way better than the PS2 versions as they are both in widescreen and HD (however, with the PC versions, you must use download widescreen hacks off the internet). It's important to note that the PC versions have some bugs and glitches.

    The advantage that the PC version has over the PS3 version is that it can go up to full 1080p, while Collection can only go up to 720p. But it's still HD and most PS3 games are in 720p anyway so it's not a major difference.

    The models and the textures seem to …

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  • AlexShepherd

    Site updates

    July 18, 2011 by AlexShepherd

    Hi, I has some updates for the site.

    Wikia Chat
    Wikia's chat's enabled. Go test it out if you haven't!

    Other Wikia Labs
    We've disabled everything else like article comments and achievements for obvious reasons.

    This isn't Xbox Live/YouTube... really...

    Music finished

    Remember that big poll about what section needs improvement? Well, the music category is pretty complete. (Be grateful... took like hours of work!)

    Blog structure
    I've been trying to implement blog categories into the wiki for organization. It's still kind of iffy right now but I can't think of anything better. Basically, when you make a blog, you have to add one of 3 categories:

    • News
    • General
    • Fan fiction

    If anyone can think of anything better, please do. I've been looking at other wikias a…

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  • Tefy-chan

    According to Konami, the game will have 70% exploring and puzzles, meanwhile it will have 30% combat.

    Does that sound interesting?

    Oh, by the way, please tell me if there's already a journal entry about this. I'm a bit off since I went to Uppsala and stayed there three days last weekend. So I have a bit of jetlag in my head.

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