• Son of samael

    just watched a vid about the new wii system new controler and the such, i must admit i quite like it. I do know that konami have no future plans at the moment to bring silent hill back to nintendo but with the new controller im pretty sure the guys at konami are thinkin wat can we do in silent hill with it as still not much known bout how it all works, fans of nintendo and silent hill can only speculate i probably wont buy the new system untill it drops way down in price or silent hill is released on it but it does make me think. anyways check it out tell me wat u think im really interested in this.

    cheers guys

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  • Iliekvideogames

    This sunday, I will attempt to play through all 7 main silent hill games non stop. Who thinks I can do it?

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  • Heather Beam96

    Okay, I was just playing SH3 today. Since I'm new to fighting on the games and blah-blah, I put my riddle and action level both on easy a couple days ago when I had to restart the game (I was originally in the hospital, someone deleted my progress -.-). So I started noticing that I was killing every monster in one or two shots! And get this- I battled the Split Worm today. I only fired ONE SHOT and the thing fell right down. Is there a problem with my game? You'd think normally game bosses don't die in one little hit, so I'm kind of nervous now.

    Is it a glitch? Has anyone else encountered this problem? Or am I just being faced with a virus? Because I was expecting more of a challenge when that whopper monster came out, and I figured it woul…

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