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Echo photo of a boy behind bars.

Harry Mason is able to find these recorded messages while exploring the forest in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. They may vary depending on the player's Psych Profile.

It's so cold Transcript

Variation 1:

"It's so cold, but I'm happy
because I know I will see my
brother again soon. Lying down
now. Cold. A bird just put a
leaf on me, or did I dream it?
Love you all."

Variation 2:

"Don't worry about looking for me.
I'll be with my brother again soon.
I hope he forgives me. It's so cold.
It had to end like this."

Variation 3:

"Following you again, bro. You were
always the first to do things, but
it wasn't fair that you were the first
to die. So cold. Can't feel my legs."

Variation 4:

"I'm not sure if it's the cold or the
pills that's making me so numb. All
the pain will stop soon. See you soon,

Pump Station Transcript:

Variation 1:

Echo Message - Babes in the Woods
Variation 1
"It's my brother! I was just playing,
trying to scare him. I shut him in.
But now the water's filling up. He
can't get out. I can't get him out!"

Variation 2:

Echo Message - Babes in the Woods
Variation 2
"Help! It's my brother! We were playing
in the pump station, but the water's
come up and he's trapped. His hands
are cold. His head is in the water!"

Variation 3:

Echo Message - Babes in the Woods
Variation 3
"I followed my brother in. He’s
always getting in trouble. He's
stuck and I can't get him out.
He's in the water. He can't get out!"

Variation 4:

Echo Message - Babes in the Woods
Variation 4
"We've been drinking dad's beer.
Dared each other to sneak in to
the pump station. The water came
up real fast and he's stuck. I
need you to get him out. Oh, God,
he's gone under."
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