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Anne's Story, Issue 1
Tom Waltz
Tristan Jones
IDW Publishing
Release date
September 3, 2014

Anne's Story, Issue 1 is the first issue for the Silent Hill comic Anne's Story published by IDW Publishing. It is written by Tom Waltz and illustrated by Tristan Jones.

The plot is focused on Anne Marie Cunningham and her perspective during Silent Hill: Downpour, rather than that of Murphy Pendleton.

The comic starts off on Anne's journey through Silent Hill, set after the bus crash and after her fall into the deep ravine where she encounters an escaping Murphy.


As she was about to fall from the tip of the ravine, Anne began to think on her memories. At the same time, she sees Murphy Pendleton as a Bogeyman. After she fell (the result of which she fully expected her death), she awakens at the bottom of the ravine, where she finds the body of the dead prison bus driver.

The bus driver, M. Koons (wrongly thought to be dead) was awakened for a brief amount of time, before he truly died as he tried to approach Anne. That was when she thought to have seen Willis running into a cave. As she went into the cave, she saw a bloody wheelchair, reminding her of her deceased father, Frank Coleridge.

The 'cave' she enters turned out to be a bathroom, in which an opening suddenly appears in front of her. A shower suddenly opens, spraying blood instead of water. As Anne proceeds through the opening, the Wheelman is seen looking at her.

The opening led her to the Devil's Pit, where she sees a man who resembles Murphy beating another man with a stick. She tries to catch him, however it turns out to be Freddie Gates, one of the prisoners that was on the transfer bus. Freddie gains the upper hand on Anne and prepares to shoot her with a handgun, however Anne's life is saved when a Weeping Bat descends from the ceiling and gruesomely kills him.

J.P. Sater calls her to ride on the train to escape from the creature. As she sits, she saees the eight children who died at an accident. She questions Sater if he was the one who caused it, but he insists that it was a lie and that he never hurt anyone. Her vision suddenly becomes altered horrifically as she has a vision of the children asking Sater for "another ride", as well as seeing the Bogeyman and some Tormented Souls.

The comic ends with Anne finding herself alone in an empty train after the hallucination, where she sees Murphy exploring and holds him up at gunpoint.


  • The comic confirmed that the choice "Save her" during Murphy's first encounter with Anne was indeed canon.

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