Al Bandiero
Al Bandiero
Voice actor
Adam Shepherd
Curtis Ackers
Order Soldier
Silent Hill: Homecoming

Al Bandiero is an American-Italian actor who voiced Adam Shepherd and Curtis Ackers in Silent Hill: Homecoming.


Alphonse Bandiero was born in Brooklyn, New York. He has 2 sisters and 1 brother (Marget, Frank and Angela). His parents, Joseph and Genevieve Bandiero, are both of Italian descent. Bandiero was scouted by a major league baseball team.


Bandiero started his acting career, firstly appearing in the film Rocky IV, playing the 'American Commentator #2'. After making his move to Los Angeles, he began to work extensively in film and TV. Al has just completed a starring role in the upcoming film "Go for it". He has appeared in the TV film Scene of the Crime, "I Am Stamos" and "The Confession". He has appeared on television in "Dragnet" and "The Practice". His major television role was in "Desire" for the Fox owned MyNetwork TV, taking on the role of Peter Evans, appearing in 72 episodes in total. He still appears in movies.

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