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Abstract Daddy
The Abstract Daddy in Silent Hill 2
Other names
Ideal Father
Silent Hill 2
Other appearances
Lakeview Hotel
Attack methods

Abstract Daddy, also known as Ideal Father, is a monster James Sunderland encounters in Silent Hill 2.

It is a manifestation of Angela Orosco's traumatic memories of her father, Thomas Orosco, and her brother, raping and sexually abusing her on a bed.[1]

James first faces this monster as a boss near the end of the Labyrinth, while smaller, weaker variants can be found later on in the Lakeview Hotel.


The Abstract Daddy appears as two figures lying on a bed, covered in a "blanket" of putrid skin, with the two forms apparently having intercourse. The two figures seem to be trapped in a rectangular board, with the "male" or upper figure's arms and legs dangling out the bottom. On the bottom of the monster is a long vertical slit. It moves on all fours, and the lower portion of the beast has the appearance of a bed with four posts.

It is likely that Angela views the monster differently than James, and that she sees her own father, Thomas, as the monster, which is why she calls it "daddy". However, because James did not know Thomas, it takes the form of a monster.


Abstract Daddy boss03:36

Abstract Daddy boss

James facing Abstract Daddy.

Silent Hill 2 - Man Crying In Hotel00:38

Silent Hill 2 - Man Crying In Hotel

James facing the monster in the hotel.

The Abstract Daddy attacks by standing up and putting James's head into its slit. When this occurs, repeatedly tapping X button/A button and wiggling the analog stick will get it off faster and lessen his damage.

Because these attacks require close contact with its prey, and due to the cramped conditions of the room, it's wise to run from end to end diagonally and fire at it with the shotgun once, then run to the other end. Doing so will result in little to no damage. The rifle can also be used and its power surpasses that of the shotgun, but firing it makes James stall longer, giving the beast the opportunity to attack and is therefore not recommended for novice players. Once the player inflicts enough damage upon the creature, it will fall and deflate, deceased.

The monsters in the Lakeview Hotel are different from the boss version. These move much faster, but are much easier to kill, taking only two shotgun blasts to knock down. They also do not attack unless provoked.



Abstract Daddy directing its attention to James.

The Abstract Daddy represents Angela's father, Thomas Orosco, and/or brother, hanging over her on a bed.[2] This is highly suggestive of the abuse she took from them.

It is also noted that the figure beneath screams in torment, which is likely another representation of Angela's abuse, while their "mouths" resemble a vaginal orifice, further implying sexual abuse.

The room the monster is fought in represents Angela's uterus. On the fleshy walls of the room are holes with pistons making thrusting motions, akin to a penis thrusting in and out of a vagina. These further evoke Angela's perspective of her rape: a mechanical, inescapable experience. It is possible every piston is symbolic of how many times she was molested (23).

Later in the game, smaller versions of the boss monster make an appearance at the Lakeview Hotel, which may be an indication/foreshadowing to the player that Angela may be in the hotel somewhere. The smaller variants may also be representative of Angela's brother, while the bigger and stronger boss model is "Thomas".

Another possible theory is that it represents abusive masculinity, in that James suffocated his wife, Mary Shepherd-Sunderland, while she was in bed. This may be why both Angela and James can see the monster, as they are both involved with the mentality at hand.


  • The Silent Hill 2 BradyGames strategy guide by Dan Birlew erroneously refers to Abstract Daddy as "Doorman". According to Birlew, the original name he was supplied with was "Angela Papa", but he felt this was inappropriate.[3]


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