Sh3 memo 59

The manuscript pages.

About the Cult's Symbol is a memo found by Heather Mason in Silent Hill 3, in the bedroom of an unnamed member of the Order at the cult's chapel. It is a manuscript copy of a book's chapter, explaining the meaning of the Order's symbol: the Halo of the Sun.

There is a slight mistranslation error. The symbol itself is known as the Halo of the Sun and represents God. There is no deity called the Halo of the Sun. A better translation would be "represents the deity and is known as the Halo of the Sun."[1]


"Represents the deity known as
'The Halo of the Sun'. In heraldry,
symbolizes a religious group.
The two outer circles are charity and
resurrection; the three inner circles
are present, past and future.
Usually drawn in red. Occasionally
drawn in black or other colors, but
blue reverses the meaning into a
curse on God and is therefore
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