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Sh3 memo 08

The memo on the wall.

"Thus one's life turns to riches" is a memo found in the Otherworld One Stop Imports by Heather Mason in Silent Hill 3. It is written in Old English form and is located on the wall beside the vending machine. The memo is meant to lure Heather into operating the vending machine with a silver coin she can pick up on the counter. From the vending machine, she will receive a soda can with a key inside, enabling her to continue her venture. The last stanza is meant to hint to the irony of Heather having to pay for an object that warrants continuation towards her personal destiny.


"Thus one's life turns to riches:
What was a bag of silver coins is
now the number in a book.
Yet faith hath no price...
Ah, but do people know this?"
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